Tagr Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Tagr for?

Tagr is for small and medium sized businesses looking to reduce pricing erros, improve margins and their customers overall in-store experience with sustainable paper free pricing.

  1. What are the requirements to use Tagr?

Tagr seamlessly integrates with all main POS vendors so that syncing of product prices, references and stock data is automatic. If your business has more than 1,000 SKUs per location we'd like to chat about your specific needs, email us at sales@tagr.shop

  1. Should I use Tagr digital tags for all my SKUs?

Tagr is meant to work for you and your business. You can use Tagr digital tags for all your products, or you can choose to use Tagr with products that require frequent price updates or additional product information. Some of our customers choose to use Tagr digital tags on their high-ticket items and some choose to outfit their entire store. The choice is up to you, Tagr can grow with you and your business

  1. What are the different Tagr digital tag sizes?

Tagr digital tags come in 3 sizes: small (2.6-inch display area), medium (4.2-inch display area) and large (6.0-inch display area). Exact product specifications are as follows:

  1. Small 2.6-inch tag: 80 x 41.1 x 11.4 (mm)
  2. Medium 4.2-inch tag: 104.5 x 80.5 x 12.2 (mm)
  3. Large 6.0-inch tag: 138.1 x 107.5 x 12.8 (mm)


  1. What technology do Tagr digital tags use?

Tagr’s mobile app helps manage your in-store prices in real-time from wherever you are. The app can be downloaded from the Apple app store and Google Play store. Tagr digital price tags seamlessly integrate with all main POS vendors so that syncing of product prices, references and stock data is automatic.

Tagr digital tags feature sustainable three color (black, white, red) full graphical e-ink displays with paper-like readability (Similar to a Kindle) and run on battery so there’s no need to plum them in at night. Battery life is 5-7 years!

  1. Can Tagr digital tags operate in freezers?

Tagr digital tags can operate in environments ranging from 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. How are Tagr digital tags powered?

Tagr digital tags are operated by ultra-lower power consumption batteries, making them extremely convenient and sustainable. After 5-7 years, the batteries are replaceable!

  1. How can I clean my Tagr digital tags?

Cleaning your Tagr digital tags is quick and easy, simply wipe with a damp cloth. We recommend that you do not use alcohol, solvents, or abrasive cleanings products on your tags.

  1. How far can Tagr digital tags be from the access point?

Tagr technology is equipped to work in both small and large retail spaces – it can cover up to 40,000 square feet. Working with a smaller space? No worries, tags within 150 feet of the access point will get signal.

  1. How do I hook Tagr digital tags to my shelves?

We offer two sets of displays options: adhesive clips and foot stands. Both display options can be used with any tag size: small, medium, or large.


POS integration

  1. What does POS integration mean?

To display the right product information and prices on your Tagr digital tags, we need to retrieve the latest information directly from your POS. Tagr automatically connects with all major POS vendors, meaning we can retrieve in real-time the latest product information from your POS. This means you your tags and POS are always synced and up to date, allowing you to focus less on pricing and more on your customers!

  1. What POS systems is Tagr compatible with today?

Tagr integrates with all main POS vendors including Square, Lightspeed,Vend and Clover.

  1. Why don't I see my POS on the list of Tagr compatible POS systems?

We are always working on new POS integrations to serve more retail store owners. If you don’t see your POS on the list, please send an email to sales@tagr.shop and let us know which POS you are working with. We can add it to our integration roadmap.


Pricing, orders & delivery

  1. How much does it cost per month to you use Tagr?

The monthly fee for the Tagr solution is $119, giving you access to the Tagr Digital Tags App for and to our 7-day support hotline.

  1. What is the delivery time for my Tagr order?

Once you place your Tagr order, you’ll get an order confirmation sent to your email. As soon as we receive your order, our team assembles and ships your order from our US warehouse. Once shipped, we’ll update you with a shipping confirmation and tracking number.

  1. How can I track my Tagr order?

 Once your Tagr order has been shipped you will receive a tracking # by email. You can reach out to sales@tagr.shop if for some reason you didnt recieve your tracking # or have additional questions.

  1. How do I return my Tagr discovery kit?

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return your Tagr discovery kit. Please fill out our returns form, read our full returns policy and follow the steps carefully.